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Myong Ga M perspektif
Myong Ga L perspektif
Myong Ga  XL perspektif
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Adult Diapers - MYEONG GA
Available Sizes M, L and XL
  1. Absorbance of the MYEONG GA good brand diapers and can count on liquid and can accommodate approximately 1 liter of water and not "leaked".
  2. Diaper brand MYEONG GA has a "protector" i.e. "SIDE LEAK GUARDS" with a layer of "NON WOVEN" which hold the liquid in order to be accommodated evenly in the middle and does not penetrate the laterally.
  3. Diaper brand MYEONG GA to use "PULP" which was imported from the United States, as well as "SUPER ABSORBENT POLYMER (SAP)" a kind of seed grain when exposed to liquid, the grain-seeds will turn into jelly, the goal of locking so that fluid does not leak everywhere.
  4. Diaper brand MYEONG GA tasty and comfortable during wear.
  5. The sophisticated and modern technology since the diaper machine in use to manufacture the diapers brand MYEONG GA diaper machine was made in 2014 (latest)
Superb Absorbtion
Fastening tape for confortable and proper fitting
Anti-leakage contruction
Quick and even distribution for a dry surface
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